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The Official Snowboardschool Adelboden is a member of the Swiss Snowboardschool "RiderSystem" by SSBS. The instructors are real snowboardpros with endless knowlegde in snowboarding. They live the sports with a lot of passion from their heart.

Our Team

Bruno "Crazybruno" Mathys, Co-founder of Crazy Sports Ltd, CEO, Snowboardpioneer

1987 he was one of the first Snowboardinstructors in Switzerland. 1992 he founded the Official Snowboardschool Adelboden.

Peter "Pesche" Rieder, Snowboardinstructor SSBS, TL

Snowboardinstructor since 1993

Christian "Bütz" Beutler, Snowboardinstruktor SSBS, TL

Snowboardinstructor since 1998,

Matthias "Junior" Beutler, Snowboardinstructor SSBS

Snowboardinstructor since 1998,

Ändu "Chrüttli" Kreuter, Snowboardinstructor SSBS, TL

Snowboardinstructor since 2000

Matthias "Mättu" Friedli, Snowboardinstructor SSBS

Snowboardinstructor since 2010

Dimitri "Dimi" Scholl, Snowboardinstruktor SSBS

Snowboardinstructor since 2011

Nicole "Nice" Sonntag Snowboardinstructor SSBS

Snowboardinstructor since 2015

Janine "Jane" Studer, Snowboardinstructor SSBS

Snowboardinstructor since 2009

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